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Never Hesitate to Report Malpractice


Medical malpractice can be devastating to victims and family members and can leave patients with a significant, permanent decrease in quality of life. Many victims and their loved ones fail to report malpractice because they believe that there is nothing that can be done about the damage that has been suffered. Not only does failing...

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Common Construction Injuries May Require a Personal Injury Attorney in Buffalo


Construction-related injuries occur frequently, and the effects can be devastating. Every day, more than 6.5 million individuals work at construction sites across the nation. Most injuries allow workers to return to their jobs within a month, but many injuries cause permanent damage. In fact, more than 1,000 workers die due to construction-related injuries annually. Due...

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The Dangers of Driver Fatigue


You may think that a drunk driver is the biggest danger you could encounter when you take your family for a drive, but studies show that sleep-deprived drivers may as well be drunk. Fatigued truck drivers in particular are one of the greatest menaces on the road. Federal safety regulations are in place to ensure...

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It’s Not the End of the Road


Though many people can continue driving safely well into their golden years, seniors face several factors that put them at greater risk for collisions. Hearing loss, visual impairment, dementia and other conditions can all greatly affect an elderly driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely. Taking the Keys Away When an elderly driver's reflexes have...

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Can Abuse be Stopped Before it Starts?


Choosing the perfect nursing home for a loved one is a complicated process that requires consideration of certain factors including the quality of care, the availability of activities for residents and whether other residents report feeling comfortable in the home. A complication that makes this process even more difficult is the fact that nursing home...

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How to Check a Drug Safety Record


Prescription drugs can vastly improve the quality of life of individuals dealing with illness, but there are risks that should be taken into consideration before a person begins taking any medication. Information about drugs that are currently available to patients can be found at the MedWatch website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)....

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Brown Chiari LLP named “Best Law Firms” Rankings as “Tier One Best Law Firm”


Brown Chiari LLP named by U.S. News Media Group and Best Lawyers® 2013 “Best Law Firms” Rankings as “Tier One Best Law Firm” Brown Chiari   For Immediate Release:   Brown Chiari LLP named by U.S. News Media Group and Best Lawyers® 2013 “Best Law Firms” Rankings as “Tier One Best Law Firm”    ...

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Wegmans Salad Recall:


Wegmans Salad Recall: Store Pulls Organic Spinach, Spring Mix Due To E. Coli Fear Click here to read the article on Huffington Post

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New England Compounding Center: Source of Meningitis Outbreak


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans that an outbreak of meningitis that is primarily concentrated in the Northeastern United States has been tied to a tainted batch of steroids that were administered to patients via injection. The contaminated medication was specifically sourced from New England Compounding Center (NECC), a pharmaceutical manufacturer...

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The Peanut Butter Wars


There was a time when parents could send their children to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without a second thought. The lunch choice was easy to prepare, relatively healthy and tasty enough for kids to eat without protest. Due to a marked increase in the instance of peanut allergies in American children,...

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Brown Chiari LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Legacy Health Care


Brown Chiari LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Legacy Health Care BUFFALO, NY--(Marketwire - October 28, 2010) - New York nursing home abuse and neglect law firm Brown Chiari LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against Legacy Health Care on behalf of all residents who resided at Legacy facility from at least 2007 to...

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Nursing home faces class-action lawsuit update


Nursing home faces class-action lawsuit update AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) - Attorneys are seeking a class action lawsuit against four local nursing homes and their operator. They face serious accusations depriving patients of their rights. Marilyn Chimento said, "Words cannot express what my father went through at this place." For several years, claims of patient abuse...

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