The Psychological Effects of Car Wrecks

A car wreck is an occurrence that can have long-lasting psychological effects. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have immediate side effects, but some damage might not become apparent for weeks, months or years.

A TBI is caused by impact to the head or a penetrating injury to the head, but an injury caused by impact is the most likely culprit after a car wreck. The injury typically results from the head meeting the dashboard, windshield, steering wheel or a window. The severity of a TBI varies, but most of them are relatively mild concussions. In some cases, though, a TBI can result in long-lasting problems and life-threatening damage, such as blood clots.

Unfortunately, some TBIs can result in permanent psychological effects. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recognizes deficits in communication abilities and cognitive functioning. Communication issues include an inability to comprehend written or spoken language, difficulty expressing coherent thought, trouble responding to nonverbal cues and problems maintaining the normal flow of conversation. Cognitive problems include trouble maintaining attention, an inability to process new information, deficient memory, disorganization and an inability to plan new tasks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists other psychological effects, including mood changes, anxiety, aggression and loss of sensation.

The long-term side effects of a TBI can be difficult to identify because the injured person often demonstrates a lack of awareness. Additionally, friends and family members are not always educated about the significance of major mood changes, speech deficits and other TBI side effects. After a car wreck, it is important to obtain quality information about the potential side effects that are associated with a TBI.

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