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Your serious injury is your first priority. Because of that, many injury victims are worried that seeking out a lawyer will be too costly in the long run, especially if their claim isn’t successful. That’s why we put your recovery first, not profit.

When you choose to contact our firm, you’ll start with a free consultation, and you’ll only pay a percentage of your compensation once it’s awarded. If we don’t make your claim a success, you don’t pay us anything. We know you already have expenses to cover, and we won’t add to those expenses.

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Minimizing Your Worries After a Major Accident

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Injured and looking for answers?

A lawyer can provide the legal support you need.

Nothing is as devastating as knowing you or a loved one has suffered a life-changing injury. One moment, everything is fine. The next, someone has made a mistake that turns your life upside-down, and worse, they don’t care to cover the costs of those losses.

There is hope after one of these accidents.

If you’ve been injured by someone’s negligence or intent to harm, you may have grounds for a lawsuit with the lawyers at Brown Chiari LLP on your side.

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The team at Brown Chiari LLP understands how a traumatic injury can impact your family. We understand that you’re hurt and suffering and that it can take a lot of time and work to recover from your injuries. Claims like yours are why we work hard to help injury victims recover.

Our team has proven, with decades of experience and hundreds of trial cases, that we’re devoted to one thing: helping our clients get justice through the compensation they need for recovery. We’re ready to tackle your claim by determining fault, tracking evidence, speaking with witnesses, and representing you in the courtroom.

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Brown Chiari LLP Victories

Results where it counts - in the courtroom

A Buffalo, New York jury has awarded $100 million in damages on to the estate of a 35 year old man who died as a result of the actions of the County of Erie and five of its Sheriff deputies. Largest Civil Rights Death Verdict in U.S. History


$28.5 million settlement for a young girl who sustained a lower limb amputation due to the negligence of an employee who worked for the State of New York.


$18 million dollar settlement for infants whose parents were killed in an automobile accident.


$11 million dollar recovery at trial in wrongful death motor vehicle accident.


Brown Chiari obtains 1.9 million dollar verdict for a client who sustained serious visual injury to one eye as a result of a work related accident. Eric Shelton, of Brown Chiari, stated that in addition to the eye injury, our client suffered post-traumatic migraine syndrome.


Veterans’ Administration settles lawsuit brought by motorist for $1.4 million resulting from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.


$20 million wrongful death verdict involving a motor vehicle accident. This was the highest verdict in Niagara County history.


$1.975 million dollar recovery at trial for injured construction worker who fell into an uncovered hole sustaining back injuries.

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Words from Our Clients

Great firm. My lawsuit took place during covid, and the people i was suing made some lousy offers. My attorney advised me not to take their highest offer, and I'm glad i listened. When all was said and done he got me 8 times what they initially offered and we settled out of court. My attorney was fantastic, kept me updated throughout process.

Kevin P.

Friendly staff. They make sure you understand everything going on & what steps they take. Make you feel comfortable & return calls promptly.

Jennifer S.

Would give these great guys 10 stars if I could, Hands down the best lawyers in WNY! They are all very kind, caring, and dedicated! They are the dream team from Rachael sitting at the front desk to Rachael who does all the paper work to Mike Scinta and Brian Hogan to the man, the myth, the legend Don Chiari. Mike Scinta has gone above and beyond to help us through a very difficult time in our lives. I can't say enough about Mike he was there every step of the way keeping us up to date on everything.


Professional and helpful. Everyone there is very kind.

Annette H.

Knowledgeable lawyers especially for nursing home abuse cases.

Timothy W.

Best lawyer's around!

Eric W.
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Questions You Need Answered Regarding Your Claim

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Who’s at Fault?

When you’ve been seriously injured, you’ll need to hold the liable party accountable for their careless or intentional actions. That can be complex, depending on the circumstances and the parties involved with your claim. Because of this, you may need to speak with your lawyer to pinpoint the at-fault party. Other drivers, manufacturers, and other negligent parties may be liable for your suffering.

How Much Are You Owed?

A serious injury can cost millions, depending on the circumstances of your claim. You’re hurt, your car is totaled, you’re unable to work, and you’re traumatized—all of which adds up. But how do you know what your claim is worth?  A personal injury attorney is vital in these situations. They have the tools to calculate your claim and ensure you’re getting the funds you’re due.

Who Can Help Me Recover?

When you’re seriously injured, you may be feeling not just pain, but also isolation. You’re struggling to pursue compensation from a party that doesn’t want to pay for the suffering they caused. They may even claim you were partly or totally at fault.  You don’t have to face your claim alone. Your lawyer is here to represent you, and prepared to speak on your behalf in the courtroom and put in the time to gather the evidence and details needed for your claim and its overall success.

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