Who Is Liable for Damages Caused by a Defective Auto Part?

When automobile parts malfunction, it can be difficult determining who should be held accountable for the defective product. If an injury or damage occurs, it’s important to target the proper parties when making a liability claim. The flawed parts may not have been made by the auto manufacturer, which means other parties may be at fault. An attorney can help you consider all potential defendants for a lawsuit.

At Brown Chiari, we factor in every possible option when it comes to determining liability. This involves checking each resource from the design of the part to the product distribution. The main manufacturer of the vehicle is a major consideration, but going after a large company can backfire. In order to create a successful lawsuit, it’s necessary to look for less obvious culprits.

If you want to seek reparation for any damages or injuries caused by a defective auto product, the first source to consider is the manufacturer of the part itself. In many cases, manufacturers produce products that have general design weaknesses. This often occurs with tires, but these flaws can range from malfunctioning locks to faulty break systems.

A vehicle dealership or supply store may also be held responsible for providing a substandard part. Any individual or company that was involved with the chain of distribution may be liable. This includes shipping companies or other middlemen who handled the product. Improper installation of the part comes into play as well. An attorney can help you decide which participants to bring into your lawsuit.

In the case of traffic accidents, each driver involved may be able to make product liability claims. However, proving this type of case may be complicated. It’s good to know which defects are most associated with accidents so that you can properly navigate your way through a lawsuit for an accident involving multiple cars. You can view a list of common contributors to accidents here.

Many defendants in automobile products liability proceedings argue that the damages or injuries were caused by the plaintiff’s irresponsible driving. If you want to win your court case, you will need to prove several things. In addition to proving the part was defective or recklessly designed, you will need to demonstrate that the malfunction caused your injuries or losses.

The attorneys at Brown Chiari have substantial experience with product liability cases. If you have suffered an injury because of an automobile defect, you may have multiple options for making a liability claim and ultimately receiving compensation. Contact our NY law firm today so that you can get the answers you need from a trusted and dependable source.