Senior-Friendly Home Additions to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

A home provides a sense of comfort and security for many people. As our bodies change with age, certain parts of the home may become riskier for falls or accidents. Some of the main areas to look out for include bathrooms, doorways, kitchens and stairways.


Once you’ve located specific problem areas, there are many quick and easy changes that will make these spaces safer. In a recent blog post, AgingCare lists easy home additions that enhance safety, help with mobility or add comfort, including:

  • Walk-in showers or tubs to reduce the risk of slipping and falling
  • Handrails in hallways or bathrooms to add support and reduce the risk of falling
  • Non-skid strips and decals in areas that may be slippery, like bathtubs, hallways and kitchen floors
  • Stairlifts for those with mobility issues  

Everyone’s safety needs are different and unique to their situation. However, there are plenty of potential home improvements that will add comfort and security for your loved ones. If renovations need to be made that are too difficult to tackle on your own, make sure you find a professional to help with a solution.


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