How Do I Know When to Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York?

While not all injuries sustained necessitate hiring an injury lawyer in New York, there are instances when legal assistance should be sought as soon as possible. The following list will help you determine when New York injury lawyers can help you receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages related to an injury:

• The medical bills that have accrued as a result of an injury are partially or completely uncovered by the victim’s medical insurance.

• The injury is severe enough to warrant time off of work. Attorneys are skilled in helping clients obtain compensation for missed wages that are a direct result of an injury.

• The injury has resulted in a permanent disability that affects quality of life and may make it impossible for the victim to return to work.

• The physical damage was so severe that a loved one died as a result of the injury. Personal injury lawyers in New York are often able to obtain compensation for medical bills and final expenses that deceased loved ones leave behind so that family members are able to focus on grieving instead of finances.

Suffering a personal injury as a result of the negligence of others can be a devastating and life changing event for the victim or people who have lost a loved one as a result of such an injury. If you’ve suffered an injury and are still uncertain about whether you are eligible for compensation, consult an injury lawyer in New York at Brown Chiari for advice on how to proceed. Brown Chiari Attorneys are able to advise victims about their best course of action even if legal action is unnecessary.