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While not all injuries sustained necessitate hiring an injury lawyer in New York, there are instances when legal assistance should be sought as soon as possible. The following list will help you determine when New York injury lawyers can help you receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages related to an injury:

• The medical bills that have accrued as a result of an injury are partially or completely uncovered by the victim’s medical insurance.

• The injury is severe enough to warrant time off of work. Attorneys are skilled in helping clients obtain compensation for missed wages that are a direct result of an injury.

• The injury has resulted in a permanent disability that affects quality of life and may make it impossible for the victim to return to work.

• The physical damage was so severe that a loved one died as a result of the injury. Personal injury lawyers in New York are often able to obtain compensation for medical bills and final expenses that deceased loved ones leave behind so that family members are able to focus on grieving instead of finances.

Suffering a personal injury as a result of the negligence of others can be a devastating and life changing event for the victim or people who have lost a loved one as a result of such an injury. If you’ve suffered an injury and are still uncertain about whether you are eligible for compensation, consult an injury lawyer in New York at Brown Chiari for advice on how to proceed. Brown Chiari Attorneys are able to advise victims about their best course of action even if legal action is unnecessary.

As a result of recent studies, scientists are warning about a potential link between zinc-based denture creams and serious health risks. Zinc is a relatively common metal found naturally in our environment and is not hazardous to humans under normal circumstances. Prolonged exposure, however, can produce zinc toxicity and is accompanied by a host of complications. Symptoms include abnormal blood conditions and potentially serious neurological issues including weakness, problems with coordination and numb or tingling extremities. Personal injury lawyers in New York may be able to help clients who have suffered from zinc toxicity.

Most manufacturers of zinc-based denture creams have recently removed zinc as an ingredient. This action is certainly a response to the potential hazards presented by these products and is based on recommendations made by the Food and Drug Administration. Ongoing research is currently evaluating the link between zinc-based denture creams and neurological disorders. An injury lawyer in New York can assist you with research and will prepare evidence of the risks associated with zinc-based denture creams in order to support your case.

The authors of the study “What Every Dentist Should Know about Zinc,” warn dental professionals about recommending zinc-based products in an effort to head off possible future litigation. Lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of this product based on the allegation that consumers were not properly warned about the adverse side effects of this product and several companies have reportedly reached settlements. New York injury lawyers are currently representing consumers of these products. Users of zinc-based denture creams experiencing negative side effects may benefit from legal counsel and should seek the advice of a qualified representative.

accident lawyer new york, accident attorneys new york, accident lawyers new york, injury lawyer ny, attorneys buffalo nyElder abuse is a serious concern for families searching for a nursing home for a loved one. Careful nursing home selection can help reduce the risk of abuse and neglect. The tips listed can assist in assuring that your family member will not suffer abuse or neglect while in the care of others.


A nursing home that cares about the comfort and happiness of residents will offer regular activities for amusement and socialization. Common activities include bingo, board games, movie nights and day trips. Some nursing homes even make it a point to take individual resident’s interests and hobbies into account when scheduling activities.

Dining Options

Nursing homes should offer a varied selection of nutritious foods for meals and snacks. Special dietary needs should be taken into consideration when meals are scheduled to give options to residents with needs related to medical issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Trustworthy Employees

Ask the nursing home about their policies regarding the hiring of new employees. Employees should be required to complete a background check and have no criminal record. Any employee that completes medical tasks should be properly trained as a medical professional.

A Homey Feeling

Residents often have trouble transitioning to a nursing home because it does not have the amenities and familiar surroundings that are associated with home. Seek out a nursing home that allows residents to bring items from home to decorate their rooms. If a loved one making the transition to a nursing home has a pet, ask the facility whether personal pets are allowed to stay with residents.

Adequate Communication

A respectable nursing home should encourage regular visits from family members and should not have overly-restrictive rules on visitation. Family members should be invited and encouraged to keep an open communication with the facility to discuss the progress, comfort and happiness of their loved one.

Anyone that suspects beyond a reasonable doubt that a family member has been abused or neglected while under nursing home care should contact a New York attorney. A Brown Chiari, LLP attorney in Buffalo can discuss the legal recourse associated with elder abuse and help families seek compensation for any damages suffered.

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