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There was a time when parents could send their children to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without a second thought. The lunch choice was easy to prepare, relatively healthy and tasty enough for kids to eat without protest. Due to a marked increase in the instance of peanut allergies in American children, more schools are starting to ban peanut products from lunch boxes.

The question about whether peanuts should be banned from schools tends to revolve around how much responsibility the school has in protecting children with special allergies. Some parents and school officials maintain that it is the responsibility of the parents of a child with peanut allergies to teach the child to be proactive about avoiding exposure to the allergen.

Those opposed to a ban on peanut products from schools argue that other allergens are not targeted in the same way that peanuts have been in recent history. One might argue that the only way to limit exposure to allergens is to ban all potentially harmful products from the classroom. This would mean extreme actions such as children of families with pets being banned from classrooms in which children with allergic reactions to animal dander are present.

Parents opposed to peanut bans have also argued that peanut butter sandwiches tend to be a low-cost, nutritious lunch that they can afford to give their children. Some people have even gone so far as to suggest that peanut bans adversely affect low income families.

Those in favor of peanut bans tend to believe that the severity of peanut allergies and the potentially life-threatening nature of the medical issue warrants a ban during school hours.

There are families that approach the subject with a more neutral mindset. While these families agree that peanut allergies are dangerous, they believe that individuals with such allergies should be responsible for avoiding allergens. Some people with peanut allergies even identify with this belief.

What’s your perspective on banning peanut butter in schools?

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