When Bullying Becomes a Legal Matter

Victims of serious bullying at school and in extracurricular activities have become prevalent in mainstream news. The possibility of having a child who is terrorized by a bully can weigh heavily on the mind of a parent or guardian. Learn how to identify the signs that your child is being bullied and how to know when bullying warrants the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in New York.

Monitoring Your Child’s Safety Regarding Bullies

Some children fail to tell their parents or guardians about bullying because they are embarrassed about the situation or scared that the bullying will just get worse. Identifying signs of bullying is an important tool in keeping kids safe.

Listed below are some common signs that a child is being bullied:

• Asking to stay home from school or other activities on a regular basis

• Becoming irritable when someone asks if something is wrong

• Becoming withdrawn from other children and activities that were once enjoyed

• Significant weight gain or weight loss in a short period of time

Should You Take Legal Action Against Bullies?

It is possible for bullying to get so out of control that legal intervention is necessary. Contact New York injury lawyers if any of the following actions listed below are observed or suspected:

• Physical injuries that are a direct result of an altercation with a bully. Keep in mind that the local police should be contacted immediately if a child is assaulted by a bully.

• Serious verbal threats of violence are made

• A bully is sexually harassing the victim

It is important to seek the advice of an injury lawyer in New York immediately if bullying has become severe enough to be considered a legal issue.