How to Handle Your Workers Compensation Independent Medical Examination

If you’ve filed a workers compensation claim, you may be asked to complete an independent medical examination. This exam is conducted by a physician who will give you an expert opinion on your injuries and make clarifications for your case. The doctor will solidify any proof you need for your workers’ compensation, including if your injury is actually work-related, whether any medical treatments are necessary and if/when you can return to work.


Independent medical examinations can have a significant impact on your case, so it’s important to be prepared with information and questions. In a recent article, NOLO talks about what you should do before, during and after the medical examination to ensure you will receive the best results for your case, including:

  • Learn the information your company has already provided the medical examiner
  • Be familiar with your medical history
  • Review how the accident happened before arriving at the examination
  • Be honest about your symptoms and do not exaggerate them

After the examination, make sure you write down any important information about your visit, like any tests or questions the doctor may have asked. By properly preparing yourself and following a few guidelines during the examination, you will be on the right track for getting the most out of your workers’ compensation case.


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