How to Check a Drug Safety Record

Prescription drugs can vastly improve the quality of life of individuals dealing with illness, but there are risks that should be taken into consideration before a person begins taking any medication.

Information about drugs that are currently available to patients can be found at the MedWatch website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Website visitors can simply enter the name of a drug into the search bar to discover whether there have been any warnings or reports related to the drug. Searching a prescription drug also provides information about noted drug interactions that could result in a serious adverse reaction in a patient.

Although the FDA reports that 97% of the drugs approved since the mid-1990s are safe and still available to patients, approximately 3% of the drugs that were approved during this time period had the potential to cause harm to patients.

Patients are reminded to stay proactive about their medical care. Instead of assuming prescription drugs are as safe and effective as television and magazine ads make them appear to be, people should do research to discover whether there are any alerts or reports related to these drugs. Individuals are advised to discuss risks with their doctor prior to putting pressure on a medical professional to prescribe a certain medication.

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