15 Safety Tips for Trucking in the Winter

Driving in winter weather conditions can be dangerous for everyone on the road, especially those maneuvering big vehicles like tractor-trailers. Traveling on snow-covered, icy roads requires undivided attention and proper safety precautions to avoid any accidents.

For truck drivers, frequent stopping, poor visibility and traction and the unpredictability of other drivers on the road all pose as threats when driving in the winter. Since large trucks and tractor-trailers are often fully loaded, carrying around extra weight can make stopping and turning on icy roads even more difficult.


In a recent article, Smart Trucking shares essential tips that truckers should follow when traveling in winter weather conditions, including:

  • Keep a safe driving distance from other vehicles
  • Don’t travel as part of a pack
  • Keep the tractor-trailer lights clean for visibility
  • Try to avoid overusing the foot brake

Through proper judgment and taking necessary safety precautions, you can put forth your best efforts to staying safe on the roads this winter.  


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