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How Having a Pet Can Contribute to Healthy Aging


For decades, therapy dogs have made great companions. They provide comfort and ease to one’s life through unconditional love. However, new studies show that all kinds of animals can improve our mood and prevent us from developing brain-related diseases, such as dementia.  Specifically, having a pet at home for support may do more good than...

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5 Tips for Finding the Best Senior Living Facility


While at-home care is typically the most comfortable option, it may not be the most beneficial. A senior living facility is often the best choice for those in need of extended care.  Not all facilities are alike. The costs may not add up, the location is inconvenient or something is not meeting your expectations. As...

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How to Properly Care for Someone with Arthritis


Experiencing arthritis, especially with old age, can be extremely difficult to deal with. Joint pain can lead to trouble walking or using simple body parts like hands and arms. Often times, those experiencing arthritis may feel like a burden to their loved ones. However, those that help care for someone with arthritis may realize that...

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5 Healthy Tips for Men Over 50


Nobody said getting fit was easy, especially at the ripe age of 50 years old. Unfortunately, it takes many people this long, or even longer, to make meaningful changes in their lifestyle. Not to mention, as we age, health problems start to pile up. It’s important to develop healthy habits now in order to feel...

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The Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System, Even If You’re Immunocompromised


Immune systems work to recognize and fight off harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites to keep illnesses away. For those with a compromised immune system, exposure to infectious organisms that are not normally dangerous has the potential to cause serious illnesses. This is because a compromised immune system means that your body has a diminished...

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5 Fast Facts About Salmonella Food Poisoning


Salmonella has become a commonly known type of food poisoning that can effect anyone. Many people recognize Salmonella bacteria for its risk in eggs, raw meat or fruits and vegetables. However, Salmonella can actually be contracted from a variety of places that people may not expect. After coming in contact with Salmonella, a person may...

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The 3 Legal Documents Caregivers Must Have to Care for a Senior


Current laws are very strict when it comes to healthcare. Specific qualifications must be met before anyone can make medical decisions, receive updates or participate in conversations with a medical professional regarding someone else's health. While these policies are set in place to protect personal information, they can often create extra hurdles for caregivers and...

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4 Types of Stress and the Best Ways to Manage Them


For many people, it can be a challenge finding a stress relief technique that’s effective. While certain techniques may work well for some, they may not work at all for others. This is because the stress relief method needs to fit both your personality and your stress-inducing situation. In order to find a stress relieving...

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10 Helpful Tips for Living With Arthritis


While there is no cure for arthritis, there are a number of things you can do to effectively manage the disease. Fighting through arthritis is all about alleviating joint pain, slowing down the disease progression and minimize its effect on your life. Regularly taking your prescribed medication is important, but it is not the only...

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The Benefits of Yoga in the Elderly


While it’s true that exercise of any kind is good for people regardless of their age, certain limitations may prevent the elderly from regular physical activity. Weakening muscles, joint pain or difficulties walking inhibit many seniors from participating in common forms of exercise, such as walking, spinning or lifting weights. For elderly adults, there are...

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Don Chiari Spoke with the Buffalo News About the Drugging of an 87-Year-Old Women


Don Chiari, a partner at Brown Chiari, spoke with the Buffalo News about the drugging and potential sexual assault of an 87-year-old resident at the Elderwood at Wheatfield nursing home. Back in August of 2017, two doses of Narcan were used to revive the woman who had antidepressants in her system that were not prescribed...

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Everything You Need to Know About Listeria


With the many food recalls we see on the news, E. Coli and salmonella have become familiar causes of foodborne illnesses. While these bacteria are widely talked about, they are not the only ones we should be concerned with. Listeria infections occur in a similar way to salmonella—by eating food contaminated with the listeria monocytogenes...

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