Brown Chiari is Partnering with Family of Timothy Swink

Terrell King, the son of Timothy Swink, has hired the services of Brown Chiari as he seeks answers into his father’s recent death.


Timothy passed away at just 60-years-old from what his family believed was related to his battle with Huntington’s Disease. That is, until Terrell received his father’s death certificate. The death certificate stated that Timothy had actually suffered from sepsis shock, as a result of an epidural abscess and osteomyelitis, a rare bone infection.

Up until his passing, Timothy was residing in the former Emerald South nursing home. Terrell remembers checking in on his father back in June, shortly after the death of former resident William Strasner, and discovering the deplorable conditions of his father’s living space.

Now Terrell is seeking answers and demands accountability.

Mike Scinta, a Brown Chiari attorney, spoke with WIVB earlier this week, stating that the significant thing to note in this case is that conditions didn’t change, with all the events happening at Emerald South previously no real changes were made within the facility.

Grand Healthcare took over Emerald South in December and has stated that they are working on improvements to patient care but have declined to comment further.

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