Save Lives by Understanding OSHA Requirements

Save Lives by Understanding OSHA RequirementsPrior to the establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1970, workers had little protection to keep them safe while on the job. OSHA works to maintain regulations that aim to keep the workplace as safe as possible.

The Purpose of OSHA

OSHA strives to keep workers safe by maintaining a strict set of rules and regulations about workplace safety. While citations are issued in the event of a violation of these regulations, OSHA makes avoiding citations through the education of managers, supervisors and employees a priority.

Successfully Introducing OSHA Regulations

Employers can help keep the workplace safe by making employees aware of how to safely conduct business. Posting relevant information about health and safety in the workplace in highly-visible areas is an ideal way to convey information to anyone who may be on the job site.

Any questions about safety standards should be directed to an OSHA official. Questions may be asked by contacting OSHA directly or waiting for a safety inspection of the premises by an OSHA official.

Employers must regularly review their workplace safety standards to be sure to comply with any changes in regulation or in the operations of the business.

Educating Employees About OSHA

OSHA requirements cannot service as a means of prevention in a workplace if the employees on the job are not aware of these regulations. Even if managers and supervisors ensure that requirements are adhered to on their level, employees who are unaware of OSHA regulations may violate these standards throughout the course of a work day. While employers should educate their employees about OSHA requirements that apply to them, it is also the responsibility of the employees to be proactive about maintaining a safe work environment.

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