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Our firm is dedicated to helping major traumatic injury victims and their families seek justice and maximum financial compensation for auto accidents, nursing home abuse, construction accidents, workers compensation, and more. Call today for your free evaluation. (716) 681-7190Click here for a Free Evaluation

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With over 500 jury trials to our credit in all areas of personal injury, our firm is dedicated to helping major traumatic injury victims and their families seek justice and maximum financial compensation. If you want your case SETTLED fairly, hire a TRIAL LAWYER.
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Multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements are not new to our firm.  We have earned our reputation as serious trial attorneys by treating each and every case as if it were going to trial.  That reputation goes to work for our clients and results in fair settlements.


Personal Injury AttorneysExperienced Trial Attorneys

Meet our team of personal injury attorneys who have earned their reputations where it counts – in the courtroom.  Courtroom experience is the single most important factor you should consider when hiring a Buffalo personal injury lawyer at Brown Chiari.
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Personal Injury Attorneys
Personal Injury Attorneys

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