Zinc-Based Dental Cream Linked to Neurological Disorders

As a result of recent studies, scientists are warning about a potential link between zinc-based denture creams and serious health risks. Zinc is a relatively common metal found naturally in our environment and is not hazardous to humans under normal circumstances. Prolonged exposure, however, can produce zinc toxicity and is accompanied by a host of complications. Symptoms include abnormal blood conditions and potentially serious neurological issues including weakness, problems with coordination and numb or tingling extremities. Personal injury lawyers in New York may be able to help clients who have suffered from zinc toxicity.

Most manufacturers of zinc-based denture creams have recently removed zinc as an ingredient. This action is certainly a response to the potential hazards presented by these products and is based on recommendations made by the Food and Drug Administration. Ongoing research is currently evaluating the link between zinc-based denture creams and neurological disorders. An injury lawyer in New York can assist you with research and will prepare evidence of the risks associated with zinc-based denture creams in order to support your case.

The authors of the study “What Every Dentist Should Know about Zinc,” warn dental professionals about recommending zinc-based products in an effort to head off possible future litigation. Lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of this product based on the allegation that consumers were not properly warned about the adverse side effects of this product and several companies have reportedly reached settlements. New York injury lawyers are currently representing consumers of these products. Users of zinc-based denture creams experiencing negative side effects may benefit from legal counsel and should seek the advice of a qualified representative.