Why Truck Driver Logs Are so Important

Professional truck driving requires many deadlines, rules and regulations to follow while on the road. Long haul commercial vehicles are required to have an electronic logging device that tracks on-duty driving time. While paper logbooks were previously the primary logging system, they still often used as back up.

truck-2755172_1920There are strict rules surrounding logbooks, placing limitations on driving hours in a single day or week and required break times every eight hours. In a recent article, Chron uncovers important driving log facts that truckers should be aware of, including:

  • Attempting to hide your logging device can result in legal penalties
  • Always pay attention to detail and record any on-duty activities that take place
  • Honest reporting of on-duty driving time can help reduce truck accidents that kill 4,000 people each year

It’s important to ensure your driving logs are consistently being updated to report all driving activity. By staying on-track with driving logs and remaining within the legal time limitations, you will be able to remain safe on the roads without the risk of penalties.


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