The Top Safety Tips to Prevent Winter-Related Workplace Accidents

During the winter months, exposure to the cold can create many problems for workers, from slips on ice to hypothermia and frostbite. However, with the right precautions and preventative measures, both employers and employees can avoid these workplace injuries.

It is incredibly important to adopt and enforce safety protocols to ensure all employees are as careful as possible. Encouraging a strong safety culture within your company will help to significantly reduce seasonal workplace accidents.


In a recent blog post, EHS Today offers simple but important tips to implement into your workday to prevent winter-related accidents, including:

  • Keep walkways, stairways and other work areas clear of snow and ice
  • Know the signs of hypothermia, including lack of coordination and slurred speech
  • Limit accessibility to higher-risk areas
  • Provide appropriate footwear or personal protective equipment

Providing a comfortable and safe work environment takes planning and time. However, with the right safety plans in place, winter-related workplace accidents can often be avoided.


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