Mike Scinta, an Attorney at Brown Chiari, Spoke With WIVB About the Death of an 87-Year-Old Man Residing in Emerald South Nursing Home in Buffalo, NY

Mike Scinta, an attorney at Brown Chiari, spoke with WIVB about the death of an 87-year-old man residing in Emerald South nursing home in Buffalo, NY. Under lack of supervision, the man attempted to escape out of his third-story window, resulting in death.  










Brown Chiari is currently working on another case with Emerald South in which lack of supervision lead to the death of Ruth Murray in 2016.

Scinta states that the reasons behind the lack of supervision within Emerald South is because it is continually understaffed. They are a “poorly monitored, poorly staffed” facility.

Staffing is the most expensive cost of the nursing home, so remaining short-staffed allows for Emerald South to save a lot of money. “They make financial decisions that are a detriment to care,” Scinta said.

Emerald South is run by a corporation located in the New York City area. While they own the real-estate and the license to operate, they are making big operational decisions from miles away. The lack of first-hand involvement in the nursing home is detrimental to the establishment.


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