Can Abuse be Stopped Before it Starts?

Choosing the perfect nursing home for a loved one is a complicated process that requires consideration of certain factors including the quality of care, the availability of activities for residents and whether other residents report feeling comfortable in the home. A complication that makes this process even more difficult is the fact that nursing home abuse is a real danger. Fortunately, there are some signs to look for to determine whether abuse is likely before it even starts.

• Ask about how caregivers are evaluated prior to being hired. Caregivers should be able to pass a background check and should display the ability to stay calm under pressure. Questions about the length of shifts and the number of patients assigned to each caregiver are also essential.

• Observe residents in the nursing home to see if they show any signs of abuse. Signs of abuse include noticeable injuries, listlessness and withdrawn behavior. While some residents of the facility may display withdrawn behavior or a lack of energy due to medical conditions, observing this behavior in several residents is a clue that there could be a problem with the facility.

• Research the turnover rate of caretakers and other staff members. A high turnover rate indicates a low level of employee morale and is often a sign of poor quality of care.

• The number of available activities may indicate whether a nursing home has a problem with abuse. Abusive caretakers will often neglect patients and avoid taking time to plan activities to improve the quality of life of their patients.

• Ask residents how they feel that they are treated while in the nursing home. It is possible that caretakers and other staff members speak differently to visitors and family members. Abusive nursing home employees typically do not show their true personalities unless they are alone with residents.

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