Don Chiari Spoke with the Buffalo News About the Drugging of an 87-Year-Old Women

Don Chiari, a partner at Brown Chiari, spoke with the Buffalo News about the drugging and potential sexual assault of an 87-year-old resident at the Elderwood at Wheatfield nursing home. Back in August of 2017, two doses of Narcan were used to revive the woman who had antidepressants in her system that were not prescribed to her.

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After toxicology testing, the sheriff’s report stated that tricyclic medications were found in her bloodstream, and those medications are not dispensed at the Elderwood nursing home.

Don Chiari is planning to sue the nursing home on behalf of the elderly woman. He states that the health department closed their investigation prior to receiving the final toxicology report revealing the unprescribed medication in her system.

Chiari s that “the family was shocked to learn that their mother was given antidepressants that were not even used at the facility,” along with oxycodone and narcotic painkillers she was also not prescribed. He goes on to state that the unprescribed drugs, “coupled with the fact that there were signs of sexual assault,” they would begin to lead their own investigation of the incident.


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