Local law firm represents Buffalo woman in wrongful death case

BUFFALO, NY, November 22, 2016 – The law firm of Brown Chiari obtained a $1 million verdict in New York State Supreme Court against Kaleida and MFG on behalf of the Estate of Rose Kij, who suffered injuries and death as a result of the hospital’s conduct, according to the jury.

The 81-year-old was admitted with signs of a resolving stroke to Millard Fillmore Gates on Aug 16, 2007. The hospital provided the wrong dosage of a drug (Simvastatin) by failing to confirm her dosages before her hospital admission despite having knowledge of her pharmacy and primary physician. Ms. Kij developed Rhabdomyolysis, a disease causing severe muscle breakdown with resulting kidney failure, leading to her death on October 10, 2007.

“This verdict sends a clear sign that the people deserve the same treatment regardless of age,” said attorney Michael Scinta of Brown Chiari. “The elderly are entitled to enjoy the same protections under the law. This is a tragic situation which could have been avoided.”

The jury awarded the estate of Rose Kij a $1 million verdict for her case against Kaleida and MFG.

Attorneys Michael Scinta and David Olson from the law firm of Brown Chiari represented the Kij Estate. New York Supreme Court Justice Donna Siwek presided over the trial.