8 Tips for Exercising with Arthritis

Stiff and painful joints can make exercising extremely difficult for the millions of Americans suffering from arthritis. It is easy for arthritis sufferers to avoid exercise altogether however, experts argue that they cannot afford to go without daily cardio. In fact, exercise is highly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis pain.  

Exercise will help alleviate joint and arthritis pain as long as the patient is practicing proper habits during their workouts. In a recent blog, Aging Care suggests 8 ways to make an exercise regimen more “arthritis-friendly.” Here are some of them:

  1. Prioritize pain management
  2. Start slow
  3. In pain, no gain
  4. Work on weaknesses

It is important to engage only in low-impact exercise that does not induce pain, otherwise it can be damaging. A doctor can best advise an arthritis sufferer which exercises could be beneficial and harmful.


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