5 Tips for Finding the Best Senior Living Facility


While at-home care is typically the most comfortable option, it may not be the most beneficial. A senior living facility is often the best choice for those in need of extended care. 

Not all facilities are alike. The costs may not add up, the location is inconvenient or something is not meeting your expectations. As a result, an appropriate amount of time should be set aside to decide what your needs are, no matter how big or small. Once your demands are clear, you should then be more equipped to decide on some of the most common types of senior living facilities: 

  • Independent senior living facilities offer great hospitality if you’re looking for camaraderie in your life. Focusing on health and interests are the top priority at independent senior living facilities. 
  • Assisted senior living facilities are a notch above independent senior living when it comes to helping with daily tasks and home maintenance. Those that need help transporting from one place to another should consider assisted senior living. 
  • Skilled nursing care is for those further into health complications. These facilities offer full-time care and are a must for those recovering from a serious injury or complex health issues. 
  • Continuing care retirement communities or “CCRCs” offer a full package of care, including assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing and much more. This is best for those that enjoy the convenience of all of these services, readily available to them. 

A safe environment should be at the top of everyone’s list when deciding on the future of one’s living arrangements. Even though a living facility may seem like the right fit on the outside, it’s wise to look even deeper. 

Look into the state records of your potential facility. Reprimands, offenses or crimes that have been associated with your place of care are red flags that should be noted during the search process. Talk to the staff and current residents to get a first-hand look into how people treat the facility and uncover issues that you wouldn’t typically find. Finally, talk to someone in charge to get a breakdown of the security policies and features. This can be an administrator or director.

When it’s all set and done, take a tour of the living facility of your choice and communicate any questions or concerns you may have with faculty or a professional, such as a senior living advisor. A senior living advisor can handle a large portion of the research and visits that would otherwise be challenging to conduct on your own. While this decision is often extremely difficult, there are many resources available for you to help make the right choice.

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