5 Physical Therapy Treatments to Avoid for Elders

Physical therapy is often an important step to take when facing an injury or having trouble completing specific motions, like climbing stairs or bending over. While there are many treatment plans that can be completed at home, some at-home pain remedies may not be as beneficial as patients and therapists may think.













In a recent article, Aging Care lists out certain treatments that may have been thought to be helpful, but can actually be counterproductive. Some of these treatments include:

  1. Ice packs and heating pads
  2. Bed rest to prevent blood clots
  3. Whirlpool baths for wounds
  4. Exercise machines after knee replacement

It is important to get the most out of your physical therapy treatment and stay as active as possible during recovery. If your treatment plan is not helping with discomfort or recovery, talk with your therapist on other exercises that may produce maximum benefits.