5 Healthy Tips for Men Over 50

Nobody said getting fit was easy, especially at the ripe age of 50 years old. Unfortunately, it takes many people this long, or even longer, to make meaningful changes in their lifestyle. Not to mention, as we age, health problems start to pile up. It’s important to develop healthy habits now in order to feel younger, and most importantly, live longer.


In a recent article, the Cleveland Clinic provided five practical tips to achieve your best and most healthy self. They aren’t easy; if they were easy, everyone would do it. However, if applied over a long period of time, they can be life-changing. These include:

  • Cut the salt for heart health. Salt contributes to heart disease, one of the leading causes of death. Instead of indulging in bread, cheese and processed foods, opt for leafy greens or bananas for potassium.
  • Stay sharp. It takes effort to keep your mind sharp, however, a diet filled with whole grains, vegetables, salad, nuts, beans, berries, chicken and fish can boost brain health and really provide that extra edge. Healthy fats, such as avocados, may also aid in staying sharp.
  • Keep your bones strong. Odds are, you’ve heard this since you were a child. A diet balanced with fermented foods and dairy products has shown to increase bone density.
  • Say no to soda and stick with water for prostate health. The Cleveland Clinic notes that 180,000 deaths per year may be related to sugary soft drinks. For added flavor to your water, add fruit such as lemon or berries.
  • For sexual health, go natural. Bad LDL cholesterol can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Avoid this by eating protein and healthy fats, and cut out the refined sugars and trans fat as well.

To live a healthier life, it’s important to understand the implications of what we put into our bodies. Thankfully, years of experience have given clarity to the positives and negatives of a healthy and unhealthy diet. Make the right choice, for you and those around you.


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