4 Types of Stress and the Best Ways to Manage Them

For many people, it can be a challenge finding a stress relief technique that’s effective. While certain techniques may work well for some, they may not work at all for others. This is because the stress relief method needs to fit both your personality and your stress-inducing situation.


In order to find a stress relieving technique that works best for you, you must first identify the type of stress you are experiencing. In a recent blog post, VeryWellMind describes the four different types of stress that people commonly face and the different methods for dealing with them.

1. Acute Stress

The type of stress that throws you off momentarily, but doesn’t last too long, like an argument or a test you aren’t prepared for.

Relief Techniques: Breathing exercises, cognitive reframing, progressive muscle relaxation, mini-meditation.

2. Chronic Stress

Tends to occur on a regular basis and leaves you feeling drained and burned out.

Relief Techniques: Regular exercise, maintain a healthy diet, cultivate supportive relationships, meditate regularly, listen to music.

3. Emotional Stress

Can hit harder than other types of stress. For example, a conflicted relationship tends to bring a greater physical reaction and sense of distress than being too busy at work.

Relief Techniques: Write in a journal, practice mindfulness, talk to someone.

4. Burnout

This is the result of unmanaged chronic stress that leaves people feeling a lack of control in their lives, unmotivated and constantly overwhelmed.

Relief Techniques: Take some time off, find ways to bring laughter into your life, indulge in hobbies, learn how to make your job more fulfilling, make your days off count.

With all the methods available for managing stress, finding one that works for you may seem like more trouble than it’s worth. However, finding an effective way to relieve stress can have a major impact on your life and change the way you experience stress altogether.


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