3 Tips for Reporting Defective Consumer Products

Companies that produce and sell consumer products have a duty to test and ensure product safety under specific guidelines. It is also required that products warn of side effects or safety hazards associated with their product to ensure consumer awareness.


However, when a company does not take the proper measures to test their product for safety, the consumer could be in danger. In a recent article, WhatHappensNow introduces tips to follow when experiencing a defective product and how to report it, including:

  • Contact the appropriate agency for information about recalls or how to report a problem
  • Keep as much of the packaging as possible, including purchase receipts
  • Have a record of the incident involving the defective product

Injuries from defective products can be serious and lead to significant consequences down the line. It is important to know what to do when experiencing a defective product and how to immediately handle the situation.


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