10 Warm Weather Activities for Seniors and Caregivers to Enjoy Together

Going outside in the summer heat can be extremely demanding for seniors. However, sun exposure produces vitamin D, which is necessary for brain, bone and muscle health. Finding the right summer activity that interests the senior and meets their capabilities can be challenging, but worth it.


Natural sunlight and fresh air not only provide physical benefits but mental and emotional benefits as well. Outdoor summer activities can be rejuvenating for seniors. In a recent blog post, Aging Care gave ten creative outdoor activity ideas for caregivers and seniors to enjoy together, which include:

  1. Catch a sporting event
  2. Stroll around
  3. Picnic outdoors
  4. Attend community events

It is much more difficult for a senior’s body to adjust to the warm summer heat than a younger one. It is important to make note of any signs of fatigue, thirst, sunburn or overheating the senior may be experiencing and return to the indoors.

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