10 Tips for Caregivers During the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For many adults, though, the holidays also come with a lot of added pressure. When you also have the duty of taking care of an elderly parent or relative, it might be difficult to see the season as anything besides downright stressful.

It’s important to discourage unhealthy behaviors as a means of coping with all of this impending work. Excessive drinking and eating, as well as lack of exercise and sleep, are likely to add to these negative feelings (rather than helping you kick them to the curb).


Instead, pinpoint the triggers that are likely to cause you the most stress this time of the year. Then, identify ways that are effective for you individually to manage and release your stress- whether that’s exercising or scheduling some “you time.”

During the holiday season, in particular, don’t hesitate to ask for the help or support from your loved ones. If you’re taking on a greater number of tasks, you should also be taking on a greater number of people to aid you in accomplishing your goals.

Make sure to use these 10 tips from AARP to keep from feeling overwhelmed this holiday season.

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