10 Things You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation should cover your medical costs and pay for any days of work you miss when you injure yourself or develop an illness because of your job. Even though almost all employers have to buy workers’ comp insurance, it does not cover everyone on the job.



Knowing exactly what qualifies for workers’ compensation and how to go about it can get tricky. In a recent blog post, NY Daily News highlighted some things you should know in order to make sure you get the workers’ compensation you deserve, including:

  1. Report every injury or illness
  2. Visit the right medical provider
  3. Ask your employer to explain its workers’ comp coverage
  4. You may not need an attorney to get what you’re owed

To be covered by workers’ compensation, you must be accidentally injured while doing your job, or get ill from doing your job. Just simply getting injured or sick while at your job does not entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits.


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